Removable Panels

Small structures, typically built into the ground, which make it possible to shelter terraces from the wind. They have the advantage of being able to be removed at the end of the day if necessary and their position can be changed depending on the wind direction.

In glass

With its A316 stainless steel structure and 8 or 10mm tempered glass protection, it is an aesthetically appealing product that can be used throughout the year without suffering any deterioration.


This is a more practical panel, which can be put up daily and repositioned whenever necessary.
Galvanised tube structure with pvc mesh cover and aluminium finish.

Retractable panel

When you need protection from the wind, simply raise one of the panels to the desired height.
It is adaptable to various situations and easy to use, as it requires no effort to use.
With an aluminium structure and 6/6mm laminated glass protection.

Applicable materials

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